About Us

tonelli-delivery-scooter-eagle-boys-pizzaAt Tonelli we live and breathe Delivery Scooters, after all that’s all we do, in 2009, Tonelli realised that the delivery industry was growing and the industry as a whole lacked a purpose built and reliable delivery Scooter that customers could purchase off the shelf, so the engineers at Tonelli got to designing, our vision was simple, design and manufacture the very best Delivery Scooter at an affordable price that would allow even the smallest business to benefit form the enormous savings that can be gained by delivering with a purpose built reliable Scooter, and in 2010 Tonelli Presented the Zippy Delivery Scooter, a revolution in the Delivery industry, off the shelf our customers were presented with the largest delivery box ever manufactured, but building a large box is not that simple, the workhorse its attached to must be strong, balanced and extremely well designed and built, and that’s exactly what we did.

Tonelli are a 100% Australian Family owned and operated company, with our roots firmly planted in the motorcycle industry so we know what we are talking about.tonelli-delivery-scooter-white

At Tonelli we never rest on our laurels, it is our mission statement is simple, to treat every design as a benchmark and constantly aim for improvement, because Tonelli have in house engineers and we are equipped to design anything realistic to be incorporated into the Tonelli Delivery Scooter, currently we have manufactured a variety of purpose built inner box carrying options, we have designed cup and beverage holders to maximise delivery capacity, this option can either be used for Hot products or kept icy cold for those summer months, as well as GPS and Phone holders etc and the option list goes on.