Q: How large is the delivery box on the Tonelli Delivery Scooter?

A: The Delivery box on the Tonelli Delivery Scooter is a massive 170 litre, the largest delivery box ever manufactured, and the Tonelli delivery Scooter has been engineered and designed to safely carry this much load.

Q: How fast will the Tonelli Delivery Scooter go?

A: The Tonelli Delivery Scooter had been designed in a way that the vehicle offers the rider maximum torque while still being able to sit comfortably on the urban speed limits.

Q: What colours are the Tonelli Delivery Scooters available in?

A: The Tonelli Delivery Scooter comes in a verity of colours, standard colours are Red, White, Orange but we have the option to paint the scooter in a wide range of colours to suite company’s corporate colour schemes.

Q: Were can I have my Tonelli Delivery Scooter serviced and repaired?

A: Tonelli carry all parts in stock in our parts DC in Sydney we can dispatch parts most times in the same day to any repairer throughout Australia, if your local to Sydney Tonelli also have a mobile workshop where we come to you, this can be booked in by calling 1300 770 556

Q: Can Tonelli apply decals and graphics on my new delivery scooter?

A: Yes, Tonelli can arrange to have your company graphics and decals applied on your new delivery scooter, we would require your artwork and colour codes, this can be arranged at the POS of sale or by calling us on 1300 770 556