The Tonelli 100% E-delivery scooter is here!!!
The Tonelli E-scooter has been specifically designed for the delivery industry with the power equivalent to a traditional petrol powered scooter but with all the benefits of electric power, no more remembering when your next service is due or are the operators checking oil levels, or going out and finding there’s no fuel in the tank. We have designed 2 versions of the E-Scooter, the first version is your 50cc equivalent, second is our power pack the ultimate in electric design, giving you as much power as a 125cc petrol engine.
The Tonelli E-scooter is basically maintenance FREE, it charges while you’re asleep during off peak consumption! Our unique power supply has no memory so this means you can charge it as often as you like with no shorting of battery life, no fluids to check, you will have the power equivalent to a petrol scooter and with almost no service costs so basically the only thing you need to do is ride it and watch the savings flow back into your business and have the peace of mind that your omitting ZERO emissions and with the introduction of the carbon tax this has to be another saving to you.

The choice is clear for the future.